Apr. 8th, 2010


Apr. 8th, 2010 12:48 am
ILIIT 30 is now uploaded and should appear this morning at 7am Finnish local time (+0300).

This was one of my slowest-to-write scripts, and fastest-to-draw strips.  We are now at one of the crucial plot points, assuming I manage to pull it off, which leads to difficult scripting.   Also, it's a talking-head strip, which means fast drawing but not very interesting visuals.

I got to study Andy Grossom's face a lot here.  Grossom's a puzzle– he was my first character, and his visual design is very undistinguished.  As I develop drawing technique and visual eye, Grossom changes and acquires visual character, but the flip side is he's no longer quite the same fellow, looks-wise; and it becomes a challenge to keep him recognisable.

Pacwoman's also one of my early characters, but her problem is about the opposite from Grossom's: she has such strong distinguishing features that it becomes harder to modify her to suit my developing style.  Grossom's basically a badly drawn life-like man, while Pacwoman is an exaggerated cartoon woman (at least her face) – developing better life imitation skill improves Grossom but makes Pacwoman a challenge.


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